Monday, 11 April 2016

Lifestyle | My 21st Year

If you follow me on any of my social media, you will have seen that I have recently turned the big 21! I had an absolutely amazing birthday filled with lovely celebrations and surprises from friends and family!

I really wanted to do a post of things I want to achieve in my 21st year. A sort of set of goals for the year ahead. I don't want to fill it with 'resolutions' that I know are going to be silly and never ever be achievable but things which I know will improve my daily life and so forth!

So here they are!

1. Travel more! This doesn't suggest I'm going to blow hundreds of pounds every moment I can on booking holidays, but even exploring new places in the UK that I've never been near before and would love to see and learn about. A country I would happily spend a little more on to get to though is Iceland. For about a year now, this place has been top of my bucket list to get to and I really hope at some point this year I can tick that off!
2. Be more 'spontaneous'. I'm very organised - too organised! I'm such a list and diary lady, I have to write everything down about 3 times before I'm happy but I this can lead to me feeling very anxious and stressed! I want to learn to let go a little more this year and let life take its journey without me having to plan every step of it down!
3. A slightly less deep one now. I reallllyyyy want to create my own MAC eyeshadow palette. I want to fill it with warm neutral and burgundy tones. (p.s if anyone has any warm eyeshadow shades you can recommend, comment below!)
4. Keep in contact and keep making effort with people that aren't directly in my life. I have a small group of friends because I'm the sort of person who loves to have less people that are closer to me. However, more recently I've reconnected with people I was once very close to and it made me realise how important it is to keep making that effort!
5. Keep the gym up! I started last June at the gym and it's the only time in my life I've kept going and actually enjoyed it!
6. Blog more personal fashion and style related posts. This is what I'm most interested in and what I love to read most myself on other peoples blogs! I used to post a lot more of these but becoming slightly more shy about posting images of myself made me stop! But I love styling and dressing myself and other people so I aim to start right back up again this year!
7. Successfully move myself and my boyfriend into our own flat! We've been planning on moving for about half a year now and we have till end of May to find the perfect little place!
8. Complete my degree at university! Not much more I can say other than work my butt off!!
9. Have a wardrobe overhaul! I really want to start personalising my style more as I'm a very casual person but I'm getting very bored of wearing the same type of thing everyday. Working in a clothes store where you can wear whatever you like and the same for university, you can become very lazy in terms of what you wear, however, this year I want to look for things which will spice up my wardrobe a bit!
10. Finally, the last one is a big one! Learn to love myself! I think like everyone else, I get caught up in all the things I don't like and would change but forget about everything else in life which is much more important about appearance. I for one know that I'm the worst for this. Almost everyday I would say I think about the the parts I don't like about myself and not much else. Not only should I start accepting who I am but also stop letting this blind me from other things in life I should be happy and grateful for!

PSST! My outfit details from the night of my birthday...

Black lace up bodysuit - £14.99, H&M
Khaki faux-suede midi skirt - £25, Missguided
Black lace up heels - £29.99, Public Desire
Clutch bag - £25, Missguided 

Monday, 4 April 2016

Beauty | Zara Femme

For awhile I've been looking for a new perfume that wasn't highly priced or high end as just an every day spritz. Something I can wear which feels fresh and summery for spring time! I love a floral scent with a slight musky hint and this scent perfectly fits the bill. It's top note is bergamot, middle notes are peony and vanilla and the base are patchouli and musk. 

I feel like Zara has done really well with their range of scents. They have a really wide variety of all sorts of fragrances and are super duper affordable. This 100ml bottle only cost £7.99! The packaging is all gorgeous and has that Zara 'minimalist' feel to it which I love. I feel like out of the majority of high street stores, Zara definitely does perfume the best! If you haven't already sniffed out your favourite, I urge you to do so!! My other favourite is Peach and Blooming Rose - gorgeously sweet and floral!